Top 4 Most Hated Music Bands

The following list of most hated music bands is post-seventies. I’m certain there are a ton of Doors haters and even Elvis wasn’t cherished by everybody, except those were various occasions. Radiant medication testing times! Fair notices incorporate Guns N’ Roses for the tricks of frontman Axl Rose just as the puerile jokes of Blink 182, a band that depended on the success of the Green Day and Offspring “pop-punk” prime. Neither made the list, however, that is simply because there are four groups that merit our anger much more.

1. Nickelback

There is such an unbelievable marvel as to understanding the equation for making exciting music. The Beatles knew it, Nirvana got it and Weezer gets it. Unfortunately, now and then significant data gets into some unacceptable hands. On account of Nickelback, the band has figured out how to guarantee each and every tune they record is played nonstop on each radio broadcast simultaneously throughout the world. Clearly, this is an enormous band and Chad Kroeger is the popular frontman of this band. Be that as it may, there is not any justification for making the ideas of “Hero” and “Photo” and not having any vision and not seeing them through as opposed to making sappy radio hits.

2. U2

Probably the greatest band on the planet has been a farce for the past 15 or thereabouts years. Their last success was “Wonderful Day” in 2000. Their music hasn’t changed by any stretch of the imagination and we endure Bono discourses as though he was the President. Their most recent move, pushing their music onto every single iTunes client is excessively awesome, too Bono. Everything about this band is excessively significant, from Bono’s glasses to Edge’s cap to the stage. Spoiler alert: It’s a spaceship; it’s consistently a flying spaceship. Stop the pomposity, U2, and quit pushing your plan on me!

3. Creed

Anyway, each of their melodies is something similar, correct? We would all be able to concede to this? How did this band turn out to be so large and immense at the turn of the new century? Such countless inquiries, however, it was a peculiar time when the nineties stars had either ingested too much or self-isolated and nobody was prepared for the eighties to return. There was in a real sense nobody – aside from Creed. I know there was a profound point and that every video showed Scott Stapp acting like Jesus, yet generally I recollect everybody being pissed on the grounds that they were so famous. Everybody knew “My Sacrifice”, “Higher”, and “One final Breath” were similar tunes, however, there was nothing else. Large numbers of us contemplated whether possibly we had passed on and this was hellfire.

4. Coldplay

Clearly, this band needed to be U2, however really old-school U2 would have intoxicated Coldplay under the table and afterwards beat them down. New U2 would torment the band with a talk (more to come on this later). In any case, Coldplay is well known to a few and extremely lame to other people. Some way or another their underlying lethargic, independent sound transformed into slow, corporate stone and that is terrible. This band is excessively dependent on one hit (“Clocks”) to be however large they may be. Long Live Corporate Rock!

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